In the past few years, many of us have experienced a slump and downtime in business. We have faced downsizing and the need to change... Show Notes
Where do you go to look for a job? Where do recruiters and employers look for potential employees? LinkedIn!  In business, so much starts with your... Show Notes
Are you stuck in a rut? Get your head out of the sand! Get unstuck so you can move forward and past obstacles in your... Show Notes
We are so competitive – we gotta keep up with our neighbours. We have to have the biggest house, the most expensive car, the best... Show Notes
Leverage – what does it mean? How do you leverage the different areas of your life? Leverage is defined as the power or ability to... Show Notes
Use Twitter to gain new business leads and customers. Twitter is a game changer for businesses. It allows you to talk with your customers, not... Show Notes
Personally, do you “like” businesses on Facebook? Do you write about your job or coworkers on Twitter? As an entrepreneur or business owner, do you... Show Notes
Mike Russell is the content man! He has generated so, so much information to help you and many others get started in audio / visual... Show Notes
Do your employees enjoy going to work? Or are they bored and lack motivation? Do they do the same thing day after day? What if... Show Notes
Julie Broad’s priorities were like most college students—get a summer job that pays well to be able to go backpacking in Europe or Central America.... Show Notes
Most people know about Pay-Per-Click advertising, but don’t know how to really make it work for them. Most people struggle with how to make the... Show Notes
Have you heard of Dropbox, Evernote, Basecamp, Trello or Highrise? These are results of the boom in the software-as-a-service movement. Software to service is attracting... Show Notes
Our guest needs no introduction … drum roll please … John Lee Dumas is in the house and prepared to ignite! That’s right, John Lee Dumas... Show Notes
Just too busy to exercise and live a healthy life? Are you too distracted because there is so much happening all the time? Take a... Show Notes
Greg Taylor is a web developer with a difference. Rather than marketing himself purely through ‘traditional’ channels, he has opened his mind and his business to a... Show Notes
Robert Kelsey is motivated by his own perceived failures. Something that actually, we all draw motivation from even if we aren’t aware of it. The author... Show Notes
Brad Burton is the UK’s #1 motivational speaker, founder of the 4Networking organisation that holds over 5,000 events throughout the UK each year, and author of... Show Notes
Keith Evans, founder of CidaCo, has made a career out of helping entrepreneurs excel. It’s something he’s passionate about, believes in and is truly accomplished in. What makes... Show Notes
You’re in business to succeed, yet there’s no question at all that the success you WILL achieve can be gained through so many different means. Today... Show Notes
2014 closes out with a time to celebrate your successes and an opportunity to allow yourself to EXCEL in 2015. This is my message to you, a thank you... Show Notes
David Lewis set out with the goal of rebuilding a dwindling choir in his home country of Wales. What he actually achieved is a record breaking,... Show Notes
Kate Erickson recently fulfilled a decade long ambition – to author and self-publish a book. “The Fire Path” was a labour of love for Kate and... Show Notes
Do you really know how your business will look a generation from now? More importantly, do you know what the pioneers of your business will... Show Notes
Inspired by the marvellous work of Simon Sinek, this week successful financial entrepreneur  Bill Bottomley takes us on a journey from a career path with... Show Notes
In this continuation of my interview with Ben Beaumont from 48.3 Scaffold Design Ben dives into the famous Excellence Expected actionable takeaways section… Ben share his... Show Notes
Ben Beaumont is serious about success. Having set out only a few short years ago to transform the service expectations within the scaffold design industry, his business, 48.3 Scaffold... Show Notes
Every business owner, every entrepreneur is on a journey of self discovery. For most entrepreneurs and business owners, there is someone there to accompany them... Show Notes
Podcasting is EXPLODING but as a business owner, it’s sometimes difficult to decide whether or not to invest in a new content platform and integrate... Show Notes
Katie Portman has an enviable position as a happy mother and a successful PR and journalistic professional who has successfully managed to strike the perfect... Show Notes
Doug Richard is amongst the world’s most successful entrepreneurs: an award winning entrepreneurial mentor, former Dragons’ Den dragon and highly commended philanthropist. In 2008 Doug... Show Notes
Thinking about leaving the rat race behind and pursuing a passion? This week’s guest, Simon Hickton, did just that. Since then his business, Cornerstones Education,... Show Notes
Working on a new product or service and coming up against physical, mental or developmental obstacles at every turn? Unsure when to launch? Afraid of negative... Show Notes
This weeks episode is all about finding the confidence to go ahead and start your own podcast. Following setting up Excellence Expected many business owners,... Show Notes
Google is vital to your business. You know that of course, but do you know how to maximise its impact and integrate its effects in... Show Notes
Making your business attractive to the finest talent is one of the most difficult challenges facing you as a business owner. Compounded by the lifestyle... Show Notes
Facebook arguably holds the biggest collection of personal data on the planet. As a business owner, marketer or sales team, are you REALLY leveraging that... Show Notes
This week I talk to Duncan Michael-MacGregor, a digital entrepreneur who owns and operates Duck on Water, a web design and development studio based in... Show Notes
Welcome to Excellence Expected. Episode 1 is my opportunity to thank you for picking up the show and beginning this journey with me. During the... Show Notes