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Die a Hero or Live Long Enough to be the Villain – A Ballad of Customer Service

You’ll never please everyone, but you care about your customers so that won’t stop you trying. But one day, you’ll be the villain of the story, here’s why.

Turn Your Competitors into Customers

Tired of competing on price, putting together endless proposals or justifying yourself to strangers? Turn your competition on its head with this tactic!

5 Telltale Signs Of A Terrible Client

Bad clients used to keep me awake at night & caused me a lot of heart ache and time. These 5 vital telltales will stop you from going through it, I promise.

27 Tools That Every Entrepreneur Needs from Day One

The 27 tools that enable me to run and GROW my businesses from anywhere, at any time. Your next favourite tool is on this list, I guarantee it.

One Simple Step to Gaining an Unfair Advantage When Pricing!

I’ve spent over a decade testing how to successfully price my products & services. I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way. Here’s the secret I learned.

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