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27 Tools That Every Entrepreneur Needs from Day One

If you’re anything like me, you get shiny object syndrome – a LOT! Not only do I love new ideas and really enjoy exploring what could be achieved by just pulling on an idea a little bit, but I also love gadgets, software and tech – especially if there’s a promise of more productivity or…

One Simple Step to Gaining an Unfair Advantage When Pricing!

I write a lot about bad money. As a constant reader you’ll be familiar with the concept, but simply put, bad money is any cash that runs through your business that is not good for the business overall. Usually, this comes from poor investment choices, poor project choices or poor client choices. It’s easy to…

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Steps to Creating a Downloadable Resource Tool-Kit for Your Audience

When I created The Straight Talking Guide to Launching Your First Product I knew that I had to do more for you, my loyal audience. The reason was clear: simply telling someone how to do something is not the same as teaching them. And teaching requires the provision of tools to allow the student to…

Don’t be an Entrepreneur! Do this instead.

When I was younger, specifically around 23, I had the opportunity to grab some free coaching from an “expert” here in the UK on how to grow my business. At this point, I was around 6 months into my first business and once I’d sat down and gotten through the million or so forms that…

Why Your Should Treat Your Website Like a Startup

This is a post that I originally authored for New Media Europe, check out their blog and the other top notch content they put out! — “Startup”. The word on everyone’s lips these days, it seems. It’s a cool word; a buzz word; a bit of jargon or lingo for the modern day yuppies like…

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