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The collaborative coaching & accountability community
where you excel with real people, in real-time.

Choose progress. Choose you.

The safe place to be held accountable, share, evolve, validate, laugh, cry and make entrepreneurial friends in the pursuit of your own excellence.

For less than the price of a gumball per day.

Just $7 per month gets...

  • Access to me and my 12 years of experience winning, losing and breathing "on-the-ground" business for total accountability and growth collaboration.
  • The rapidly growing Slack community of real entrepreneurs.
  • "Always on" thanks to instant Slack access and a worldwide community.
  • Chatham House Rules: A safe place to share ideas, gather feedback and validate your next steps in complete confidence.
  • Somewhere that's not the mire of Facebook to make friends and real, lasting business relationships.
  • First notification & access to all of the webinars I run.
  • Every month I pick a random member to win some free swag, a book, some gadget or something else bi'niz awesome!

If you're a Podcast Accelerator seat holder, you'll also benefit from:

  • Weekly "office hours" direct access to me, personally.
  • A private Podcast Accelerator channel for all alumni.
  • One-to-one coaching session follow-ups with me via direct message.

"Send my access, now Mark!"

Just $7 monthly, cancel anytime!
(As if you'll want to!)


How do I know if I'm right?

You are right if

  • You care about your business or starting one.
  • You value yourself.
  • You value being part of a group that is focussed on growth.
  • Specific, actionable and measurable results are what you need right now.
  • You know the next move is for you, but something just isn't happening.
  • You want to build a framework and structure that works and is scalable for you.

Sorry, you aren't right if

  • You think you don't need any help at all, ever.
  • There is an excuse for not investing time in yourself.
  • Straight talking, results-driven groups aren't for you.
  • You don't want to progress and you want to make excuses.
  • You want someone to do the hard work for you.
  • You don't value honest, tested advice and take-aways.
  • You don't want to work towards your goals.
  • You aren't excited about what you can achieve with the next stage of your life.

Choose progress, choose you, now.


Will this be

always be $7 /month?


As the value grows, the investment per month will increase for NEW members. 

By joining today you secure your $7 /month investment for life.
YOUR investment will be fixed.

Why does this

Movement exist?

I'm tired off ill-structured Facebook Groups and know that people like us aren't always ready, or don't always have the cash, to dive into big bucks mastermind communities.

But we still need and deserve help to grow. That's why a low monthly investment Slack group is PERFECT!

Are there any



This group is for serious, respectful entrepreneurs and people looking to become an entrepreneur only.

It has my name on it so I'm making sure it's made up of only the most dedicated people but you can cancel at any time and give up your access.

Choose progress, choose you, now.

"Mark and I started working together with the sole intent of upping my game with my moderately successful podcast.

In a very short time, he's shown his tenacity as a strategic thinker, creative brand visionary, and no nonsense idea generator to help me overhaul my entire brand beyond the scope of just the podcast.

I feel blessed to have him as part of my team and consider him a true collaborator who demonstrates integrity, respect, and creativity at every turn."

Rick Clemons
Speaker, author, podcaster, life strategist.

Choose progress, choose you, now.

Did you know?
I send select, high quality content exclusively to people like you who invest time in developing themselves.

The issue is not giving me the best email address to contact you on, the issue is whether you are serious about being the best you can be.

You in?