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10 Time-Consuming Business Tasks That You Can Outsource

Tired of spending hours completing dull admin tasks? Many of these trivial tasks are essential to the running of your business – but who says that you have to be the one to do them?

Whilst you can hire employees to delegate duties to, a cheaper option could be to outsource these tasks to another company. Here are just some of the business tasks that you may want to consider outsourcing.

Cleaning your office

Your office needs to be kept clean in order to ensure that it’s a healthy and presentable environment. However, cleaning can be a lot of hard work. Even if you have employees to help you, they may not see mopping floors and cleaning toilets as part of their job description. Outsourcing a cleaning company to regularly clean your office ensures that your workplace is kept clean without you or your employees having to get your hands dirty. You can even arrange for you office to be cleaned out of working hours, so that both your company and the cleaners can work more freely.

Filing your taxes

All companies are legally required to pay taxes. Keeping a record of all expenses and calculating taxes can be time-consuming work. Not only that, but there can be no errors in your tax return. For this reason, many companies see fit to outsource an accounting firm to handle their bookkeeping. When hiring an accountant, always do your research to ensure that they are credible.  

Paying employees/suppliers

Paying employees and suppliers on time is also important for keeping good relationships. In the case of employees, you could be sued for failing to pay on time, whilst failing to pay suppliers on time could result in debts with interest charges. This can be a time-consuming job for many company owners, however fortunately it’s possible to outsource this task. There are payroll and supply chain management services that can ensure every employee gets their payslip or that every invoice/bill is paid promptly. This could save you a lot of hassle.

Answering unscheduled phone calls

Unscheduled phone calls can be a nuisance – whilst some of these phone calls may be from potential clients, others may be sales calls or general enquiries that only serve to interrupt other tasks and waste valuable time from your day. To free up the task of having to answer the phone, many companies have started outsourcing phone answering services. This ensures that only the most important information is relayed to you allowing you to get on with more pressing tasks. Outsourcing phone answering services can also be useful if you’re often out of the office. Some of these services also operate 24/7, allowing your company to be reachable at all times even if you yourself aren’t.

Managing emails

Struggle to keep on top of all the emails in your inbox? This can be a problem for many companies – without dedicating enough time to replying to emails, responses can get delayed and important information may not get read in time. Outsourcing someone to manage your emails could free up this task. There are also services that you can outsource to manage instant message services, which may require faster communication.

Solving tech issues

Getting to the bottom of tech issues can be time-consuming and difficult if you’re not particularly tech-savvy. Some tech issues could be so severe that they result in downtime and may need to be solved fast. To help get deal with this problem, it could be worth outsourcing virtual IT support. Such companies may be able to remotely access your computer and solve any bug or glitch. This will ensure that your problem is dealt with professionally and could be much more convenient than having to take your computer down to a repair shop for a software/website issue.

Printing and mailing newsletters/bills/flyers

Whilst many of us have converted to digital mail, there are still times when its necessary to send physical paper mail. Printing and mailing can be arduous work. To free up this task, many companies have now started outsourcing printing and mailing. Not only can this save time, but it could save you money – the cost of outsourcing is often much less than having to pay for printing supplies, envelopes and stamps.

Creating social media/blog content

Digital content marketing is essential for building credibility and improving search engine rankings. However, it can be time-consuming coming up with ideas for social media posts and blog posts. Outsourcing a digital marketing strategy agency could ensure that content is being generated on a consistent basis. It may also be useful for campaigns leading up to events when you want to generate as many leads as possible.

Organising marketing events

Event marketing can be another great way to generate leads. This could include putting together a conference, organising a stall for a trade show or hosting a launch party. Putting these events together can be a lot of hard work – which is why you may want to outsource a company to organise the event. They may be able to handle everything from finding the venue to creating branded signage. You may simply have to attend the event and talk to people without having to worry about any of the organisation.  

Recruiting new employees

Recruitment can be another time-consuming but necessary task. In order to help source the right talent, many companies hire recruitment agencies to help find candidates. Some recruitment agencies may even be able to interview candidates for you (although it’s likely you’ll still want to be present for this process). There are recruitment agencies that specialise in certain niches that could be useful if you need to fill a specific role. Others may specialise in filling roles quickly with temporary staff.

About the author, Mark

Mark Asquith is a serial entrepreneur who has built globally successful design, marketing, software and digital businesses since he quit his real job in 2005.

A passionate podcaster, global keynote speaker and helpful bloke, Mark is the co-founder of Podcast Websites and the creator of Excellence Expected. He has a terribly embarrassing beard.

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