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The 7 Minute Mentor podcast by Mark Asquith

427 – Don’t Be Impartial!

The 7 Minute Mentor by Mark Asquith

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Your personality is your secret weapon.

And to have a personality… you need some opinions.

You don’t need to be close-minded and stubborn. In fact, one of your strongly-held beliefs should probably be that open-mindedness is a great thing! Joe Rogan holds that opinion very strongly. It’s part of what defines him, and his authenticity is a big part of his podcast’s ridiculous success.

In this online, high-accountability style of business that most of us are into, the biggest mistake you can make is to be impartial. To be impartial, to have no opinion, hides your true personality.

What do you actually think? Hear me say what I think about this on episode 427 of The 7 Minute Mentor https://www.excellence-expected.com/7-minute-mentor/

Don’t Be Grey

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make, young and old, is to try to protect themselves by hiding their true opinion. They are just impartial.

You have to have an opinion. You’ve got to evoke emotions, strong positive or strong negative. If you don’t evoke any emotion then what you’re creating, pitching, or presenting won’t make any impact.

Without an opinion, you become a nondescript, grey sort of person that falls into the background. No one will remember what you were talking about.

You’ll find it impossible to find your tribe because no one will feel that they strongly resonate with you.

How to Have an Opinion Without Becoming “Opinionated”

I’m not saying to blindly put your stake in some badly-thought-out idea just so you can have one. It might be a little better than being impartial but it’s still destructive. We can easily sabotage ourselves by faking confidence in our opinions.

It’s not having any old opinion that matters. It’s having a good one.

Research it. Live by it. Know what you’re talking about and why. Even still, be willing and open to change your opinion when presented with new facts.

All the above are attributes of a leader. Be a leader.

Your Opinion Will Be The Core of Your Escape

I’m all about fixing yourself, mentally, emotionally, and physically in order to escape from your lifestyle prison… the feeling of being trapped in an unfulfilling role (even if you created it yourself).

Your strongest, well-thought-out opinion about the market you’re moving into will be at the very core of that escape.

What do you believe about your market or sector? Do you know its history? Are you sure of its future? How sure? Where’s the data?

Why do we sabotage ourselves by only having a little bit of information?

Why do we not live by our opinion about our industry? Why do we just latch onto things?

For example, someone I know online who worked in content marketing posted something the other day. GDPR has just come around, a new European legislation to protect user data. All of a sudden, she’s a data privacy expert!

I thought, How can you possibly do that? How can you move so quickly? How can you have an opinion that is strongly formed enough that you can build a business around already?

Sadly, I can almost guarantee she won’t build that business. I saw her go through the same cycle with content marketing. Instead of living it and breathing it and having an opinion on it she simply dipped her toe in and became an overnight “expert”.

I think the same of social media gurus in 2008 and SEO experts in 2002. There hadn’t been enough time to be a true “guru” yet. The few true experts that exist are not impartial. They will plainly tell you what they believe and whether or not they believe in what you’re doing.

Be a true expert. Have a goddam opinion.

Do “You”

This is all part of fixing yourself, become resilient enough to build a new, more fulfilling life. Get yourself to the point where you’re comfortable sharing your opinion.

That doesn’t mean you have to be like me, chucking swear words around and being kind of boisterous and loud. In fact, that won’t work if that’s not already you. If you think it would, you’ve missed the truth of authenticity https://www.excellence-expected.com/youre-doing-authenticity-wrong/

You can only be comfortable in your opinion if it’s true for you, right to your core. Then you can comfortable with people pushing back on it (which they will do).

Remember, the people around you may not be your tribe https://www.excellence-expected.com/426 even when you thought they would be. Having an opinion will separate the wheat from the chaff and reveal who’s really on your side.

What do you stand for? Don’t be grey. Be the leader.

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Don’t forget, the more you expect from yourself, the more you WILL excel!

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About the author, Mark

Mark Asquith is a serial entrepreneur who has built globally successful design, marketing, software and digital businesses since he quit his real job in 2005.

A passionate podcaster, global keynote speaker and helpful bloke, Mark is the co-founder of Podcast Websites and the creator of Excellence Expected. He has a terribly embarrassing beard.

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