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5 Actionable Content Ideas for Getting Started with Series Podcasting This Week


5 Actionable Content Ideas for Getting Started with Series Podcasting This Week

Seasonal, or series based podcasting is a great way to generate batched content with singular focus and tangible start / end points for your listeners.

The beauty is, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a veteran podcaster who is already running an ongoing daily, weekly or monthly show or whether you’re a new podcaster looking to get into the game without the commitment to an ongoing production schedule.

Working in the business space, the option of a seasonal podcast becomes even more alluring: for B2B marketers, a seasonal podcast allows you to target specific audience segments with tightly woven and highly relevant content; as a B2C marketer, seasonal podcasting affords you the same opportunity to niche in and focus on attaining business objectives with the chance to really measure the effectiveness of your content; for the early stage entrepreneur, seasonal / series podcasting gives you a superb way to trial the types of content that really resonate with your nascent audience.

Outside of the business sector, seasonal podcasting affords you the chance to create content with a clear story, a path and a journey.

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Once you have decided upon your feed structure and exactly how you can leverage series podcasting to benefit your audience, the challenge then becomes answering the question: “What type of content will my seasonal podcasting consist of?”

This can be particularly confusing for the podcaster who is already running an ongoing show and who wants to simply expand their reach or content output.

In this scenario, the key to success is finding complementary content that runs alongside your current show.

For the early stage entrepreneur or first-time podcaster, the same challenge applies – what content can I create that is both relevant yet relatively simple for me to produce given my own skill set and knowledge.

5 actionable ideas for creating your first seasonal podcast series.

I believe that the key to successful seasonal podcasting lies in focus.

With a focussed and concerted effort on creating content that fits into a very specific bracket of need for your audience, you can experiment with ideas and formats whilst still generating quality content that appeals to your avatar.

Here are 5 initial ideas that you can use as springboards for your own podcast series – take them, adapt them and develop them into something for yourself.

Seasonal podcasting series idea #1. Q&A sessions.

Pat Flynn’s Ask Pat show, whilst an ongoing podcast, is a great example of audience engagement and simple content generation.

By allowing his audience to ask anything, Pat not only directly addresses the direct needs of his tribe but he also creates a superb two-way relationship with that audience, on an individual basis.

Why not adapt that format into a seasonal, series based podcast whereby you focus on one specific topic within your niche, per season.

For example, if your background is in search engine optimisation (SEO), why not specify a year long schedule of six, four episode series focussing on answering questions around a specific topic within SEO, per season:

  • S01: On-site SEO basics. (4 episodes)
  • S02: Off-site SEO basics. (4 episodes)
  • S03: SEO myths debunked. (4 episodes)
  • S04: Tools of the trade. (4 episodes)
  • S05: Social media and the impact on your rankings. (4 episodes)
  • S06: My SEO has gone wrong, how do I fix it? (4 episodes)

Then, generate questions within each sub-set of SEO above using your audience or, if you don’t have a large enough audience yet, head to the forums or Facebook Groups to figure out what your avatar is asking.

Seasonal podcasting series idea #2. Repurpose, with purpose.

Chances are, you have some content that you have already created – whether that’s an ongoing series of podcast content or a series of blog content – this is a ripe opportunity for you to create a powerful set of podcast series.

For example, if you have an ongoing podcast show you can look at taking that linear approach that the show runs in right now, duplicate the episodes and re-categorise them into focussed, specifically targeted seasons.

Using my own show as an example, I have 150 episodes of amazing interview content from the world’s brightest business minds.

I could simply take those 150 and split them into tranches categorised as such:

  • Tranche #1: Work / life balance.
  • Tranche #2: Social media.
  • Tranche #3: Business basics.
  • …and so on.

Releasing these as specific seasonal “volumes” will give your audience an opportunity to not only browse your content by chronology but it will also allow them to browse by topic, or subject focus.

If you don’t have any current audio, how about taking the fabulous Kate Erickson’s approach you could adapt that content into an audio blog series, again organised and focussed in by topic.

Repurposing your content is a key factor in ongoing online success, and this is also a powerful way of beginning your podcasting journey.

Seasonal podcasting series idea #3. Create short courses for your audience.

This is the approach that I’m taking here at Excellence Expected and the approach that people like Colin Gray take, too.

By surveying your current audience, or spotting trends within the groups your potential audience hangs out in, you can begin to map out a content plan that dives deep into a specific topic and promises to provide solutions within that topic area alone.

Again, focus is vital to this format yet there is a key distinction between this type of content and the others mentioned above: the planning and flow through the season / series must be clear; the outcomes must be tangible and measurable.

Creating a pool of resources to support this content, much like I do with the series I create, will also give you a powerful way of generating loyal fans and building that vital email list.

Seasonal podcasting series idea #4. Live event commentary.

At Podcast Movement 2015, my good friend and inspiration Jonathan Oakes from Trivial Warfare recorded his show live at the conference.

The result was not only a fantastic episode of the show, but Jonathan’s personality and quality being exposed to almost everyone at the >1,000 strong event.

Live recordings at events like this attract the right type of attention for you and your brand. But more so, with a little planning you can create a high quality seasonal podcast series around each event that generates recurring traffic year-on-year.

For example, you may decide to record a short podcast series around an industry event that comprises a format similar to the following:

  • E01: Why [live event] should be in your calendar this year (interviews with founders, speakers etc).
  • E02: Live from day one, key takeaways and post-talk speaker interviews.
  • E03: Live from day two, key takeaways and post-talk speaker interviews.
  • E04: Secrets from the VIP lounge.
  • …and so on.

With some consistency, there’s an opportunity to be the “go to” expert on industry events in your niche – a by-product that could reap rewards for you in the most unexpected ways.

Hey, trust me too – this kind of format will allow you to grab a hold of press passes to certain conferences, too. I found that when I was offered a press pass for Dublin Comic-Con with my first show.

Geek. Heaven.

Seasonal podcasting series idea #5. Product reviews & demos.

You’ve seen the unboxing videos on YouTube, right?

Wow, the traffic those see are crazy in relation to the length of the content and the type of the content itself.

There’s an opportunity to really dig deep into specific products within your niche and generate an audience from those eager to stay on trend with the cutting edge of your industry.

Again, this needs some planning, but creating a short podcast based on one particular product could really help position you as the expert and of course, result in serious affiliate income.

As an example, you could structure the season as follows:

  • E01: Why I’m considering a product like this, and the alternatives.
  • E02: Why I chose this product, and a product overview.
  • E03: Interview with the product founder.
  • E04: One week in, real-life with the product.
  • E05: In summary, is the product for you?

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The step-by-step process to creating a knock-out podcast series, every single time.

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To conclude: seasonal podcast series – ready to get started?

Podcasting is your medium. It’s your voice and gives you an opportunity to talk hard on your subject, expertise or passion.

If you’re a current podcaster crushing it in your niche, the ideas I’ve put together can be used alongside your ongoing show in order to extend your reach.

If you’re new to podcasting or are currently exploring how the podcast medium can elevate your brand, the ideas above can be used to springboard your content creation.

There’s really no reason not to simply get started.

Have questions? Ask them in the Excellence Expected Facebook Group and I’ll answer each and every one!

Wondering how to structure your seasonal podcast series RSS feeds for maximum exposure?

The series podcast RSS feed guide will help.

Don’t forget, the more you expect from yourself, the more you WILL excel.

About the author, Mark

Mark Asquith is a serial entrepreneur who has built globally successful design, marketing, software and digital businesses since he quit his real job in 2005.

A passionate podcaster, global keynote speaker and helpful bloke, Mark is the co-founder of Podcast Websites and the creator of Excellence Expected. He has a terribly embarrassing beard.

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