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584 – Podcasting Growth Lesson #2 – Understand That Engagement Means Interaction, & Promote That

“Engagement” can feel like a yucky buzzword at times. But for a podcaster it can be vital to a show’s growth. You need to understand that engagement means interaction with YOU, the host and more: you need to ASK for it! People WANT to be led and told to do something, not left to guess.…

583 – Podcasting Growth Lesson #1 – Leverage Your Guests in Ways That They ENJOY!

Interview shows are SO prevalent these days, and of course, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But in certain niches, entrepreneurship for example, it’s a very small yet extremely crowded space. When interviewing your guests, why not make it easy for them to want to share YOUR show over the multitude of others that they…

582 – February’s Theme: 11 Podcasting Lessons to Help You to Become an Audio Influencer in Your Niche

Podcasting is growing. Right now there are around 600,000 podcasts in the world, compared to just under 200,0000 when I got into the game in 2013. The discoverability challenge now then is threefold – I’m going to go into that, and I’m going to give you 11 of my most up to date lessons on…

581 – My Full TEDx Talk – Choose Happiness, Choose Control

From the moment we enter the school system to the moment we retire, we’re conditioned to cede control to those with whom we have little in common and who pursue different lives to ours. Our life is short, yet most of it is spent with people we do not choose to spend it with, in…

580 – The ONE Thing That I’d Change About My Next TEDx Talk

My TEDx talk went really, really well and I’m grateful to everyone who supported me. But, we always grow, develop and learn don’t we and this is the ONE thing that I’d change if I were to do another TEDx talk. Heads up Every Friday I run a free coaching session over on Facebook at 4pm UK…

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