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Straight Talking Personal Development Podcast Interview Archives

Allied For Success with Emmy Winner Kare Anderson

Expert guest: Kare Anderson

We live in an increasingly connected world and it’s never been easier for us to make contact with others around the globe. Whether you want to make new contacts in your industry or niche, or if you want make connections with people who work outside your own field, technology has revolutionised this process. However, the…

It’s Your Time to Break Through, with Dorie Clark

Expert guest: Dorie Clark

Having a great idea is one thing, but getting it out there and making sure it’s being heard by the intended audience is quite another. The tools that have allowed us to spread our ideas more easily have also made it more difficult to be heard. We’re all exposed to a torrent of media on…

You Can Raise Great Kids AND Run a Business

Expert guest: Deborah Owen from YouCanRaiseGreatKids.com

We all have heard the phrase: work/life balance. But in real life, it doesn’t work like that. You need to adjust the scales as necessary. Instead of balance, find harmony. How can you raise great kids when you are an entrepreneur or business owner? How do you know what you need to give to your family?…

It’s All Gone Wrong – Now What?

Expert guest: Daniel Maw from HACKSAW™

What do you do when things go wrong – when the sh*t hits the fan? How do you deal with it in a way that benefits your business? Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s not about what went wrong, but about what you do as a result to improve. A working mentality and mindset is important.…

The Outside Edge with Robert Kelsey

Expert guest: Robert Kelsey

Think back to your high school days. Remember the cool kids? Wonder what they are doing now? Well, cool can be a curse and often prevents people from taking a leap due to a fear of failure. However, the uncool people get on with their lives and inherit the Earth! Uncool people are often branded…