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Straight Talking Personal Development Podcast Interview Archives

Become a Force for Growth with Justin Verrengia from Enlightened Entrepreneurs

Expert guest: Justin Verrengia from Enlightened Entrepreneurs

Many people are so focused on just being able to pay their bills and get ahead in their business. But you must have the right mindset and be receptive to ideas/opportunities; you must be happy and not focus on fear – can you honestly say that describes your approach to doing business? Transform and shift your…

When To Leave Your Own Small Business

Expert guest: Daniel Bowling from www.smartradesmen.com

We all do jobs for the wrong reasons – you don’t want to let people down, perhaps you don’t know how to say ‘No’, and hey, doesn’t everyone need cash in the bank? However, if you are unhappy and frustrated, stop what you are doing – even if it is your own business. Stick to your guns, follow your…

Growing Your Influence The Right Way For the Long Haul with Jared Easley

Expert guest: Jared Easley from Starve the Doubts & Podcast Movement

There’s no doubt that when you have an idea and want to take it to the next level, you need buy in and people to support you. You need to be perceived as someone that people know, like, and trust. As you develop those three pillars – you become a person of influence. But are you…

Intrapreneur – The Evolution of the Young Entrepreneur

Expert guest: Peter Yobo from The Powered Life

Traditional routes into business are starting to fade. In the next 10 years, millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. What can millennials do to make themselves more employable in tomorrow’s business? They are going to play an important role in business! How do companies engage them and get them excited to work so…

Self-Publish Your Way to Success – Writing the One Book We All Have In Us

Expert guest: Chandler Bolt from Self-Publishing School

Books have become the new business card. Books are something that people keep, they can use them, and they make people think of you! People are likely to throw away business cards, but not books. However, a lack of confidence, insecurities, doubts, and other factors keep people from writing books. Who’s gonna buy it? Who’s…