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Could The Write Life Be For You?

When it comes to creating a life that you love, it’s not always that easy to work out what to do. Sometimes, you’ll find that it’s actually quite difficult for you to decide what you want to do with your life. There are often so many conflicting avenues – so how do you know the best way to approach this? Well, in short, you won’t always. You really won’t always know how best to decide what to do with your life. But doing what your parents expect of (or want for) you, or following what your friends do, is never the right answer. Instead, you need to think about what you can do to serve your own best interests. After all, this is your life and you deserve to enjoy it. So you need to follow a path that you’re passionate about.

While everyone is, of course, different, you may find that writing is what you want to do. There are some that will be born writers. That will write from an early age. Have to write. Need to write. Yet others will come into it. When you have a passion for a particular subject, such as business or finance or sports, you may feel as if you need to actively pursue those niches. But you don’t in terms of practicing. Perhaps writing about then will be perfect for you. But this can work out for you whatever you’re most passionate about in life – even if it’s just writing itself. Let’s uncover whether the write life could be for you.

For The Love Of Words

To start with, you may find that you’ve always wanted to be a writer. That you love words and the process of writing. Maybe you’ve always written by you’ve never taken it seriously? Well, this could be your time.

Fiction Fanatic

Now when it comes to working out which kind of write life you’re in pursuit of, you need to consider the different kinds. Maybe you’re an avid reader and fiction is what you love? Writing fiction can be a lot of fun. But you need to work at it, and it may take you time to actually get the first draft completed. It’s a craft.


These days, the art of storytelling is becoming more and more important. And we’re not just talking in terms of fiction books. It’s important for non-fiction books, for business writing, for articles, copywriting, and just about any kind of sales process you can think of. So maybe that’s you’re speciality. If you love to make words come alive and get readers excited about a story, then maybe you want to look into copywriting or writing non-fiction?


The next thing to consider, is investigative journalism. Maybe you’re curious? Do you always wonder how things work, or what people think? Are you always intrigued by news stories? Then maybe you might want to think about becoming an investigative reporter. You can do this and pitch stories to online and print publications, or even keep the stories for yourself and create your own news outlet.


For some, a huge part of the writing process is researching. Do you love the idea of discovering something that you love? Uncovering a history? Delving deeper into a topic? Then writing it likely to be for your, particularly non-fiction writing will be for you.

Sharing Your Thoughts

Or maybe for you, you just want to be able to share your thoughts? When you have something to say on a particular topic, or just thoughts in general, it’s nice to just be able to write freely and from the heart. This is often why starting a blog can be a good thing for you. However, you’ll want to have some kind of direction before you get started, to know what you where you want to take your blog.

Sharing Your Passion

But that’s not all. Maybe you do have a set passion for something in particular like we said earlier? Maybe you love cooking or fashion or fishing or finance? Then why not write about it? That’s the beauty of starting a blog or your own media site – if you’re passionate about a set niche, then you can absolutely share your insights on it with your words.

Creating Your Own Space

So, in order for you to make that happen, you may find that you want to be able to create your own space. If you know that you do want to start a blog or a media site, then you’ll want to think about setting up a website. Getting hosting and a domain name, and even a web design service could be what you need here. Then, you can get set up and start sending your words out nito the world.

Becoming An Authority

As you do that, or as you’re busy putting the work in general, you’re going to find that you can start to establish yourself as an authority. It’s important for you to be able to start to build up notoriety for yourself within your niche. If you’re going to find success and grow, then being recognized is going to help you. You will be able to do this by working consistently, marketing yourself regularly, and looking to networking, speak at events, and just put yourself out there!

Working In Your Own Way

And finally, a huge selling feature of the write life for many, is that you really do get to do things on your own terms. Just like entrepreneurship, becoming a writer – whether that be an author, journalist, or blogger – allows you to do your own thing. When you’re freelance or building a business, you’re in control. You work when you want, how often you want, and for the fees you’re happy with. This can be such a blessing too many. And then, you really do get to follow a path you love, and enjoy the fruits of your labor too.

About the author, Mark

Mark Asquith is a serial entrepreneur who has built globally successful design, marketing, software and digital businesses since he quit his real job in 2005.

A passionate podcaster, global keynote speaker and helpful bloke, Mark is the co-founder of Podcast Websites and the creator of Excellence Expected. He has a terribly embarrassing beard.

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