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Creating Artistic Branding For Food And Beverage

Perhaps one of the most creative industries in all of business, is the food and beverage. Sure the design industry is the haven you go to develop your creative ideas but just think about it for a moment. Food and beverage is an industry where you are inherently marketing your individuality from the beginning. Why should consumers buy your muffins when they’re exactly the same as another brand? Your recipes and your products have to be unique, they have to be one of a kind in some way to be a viable candidate for shoppers out there. This means you have to sell them on your flavors, price and overall brand. Are you a product for families at home sitting down to eat dinner, or are you selling something that can be consumed while on the go? Where you’re coming from in the ways of class, flavors, production techniques, quality, traditions, designs of products, etc, all need to be on display to grab customers’ attention.

Showcase your main flavor

Your cake, chocolate bar, juice drink, ice cream, etc, might have multiple flavors. A Victoria sponge has fresh whipped dairy cream, raspberry jam, and caster sugar as the three main flavors. However, you have to showcase your main flavor in some way to have it stand out. For example, if you are making a muffin that is chocolate orange and lemon, pick one main flavor to be the biggest on the packaging. The muffin sponge might be a lemon flavor but it's kind of in the background. Chocolate is quite prevalent in muffins anyway. But, orange flavor chocolate is not. Hence why you should showcase an orange on the packaging of your muffin product and make sure it's the biggest graphic design. This way consumers browsing the muffin selection of their food store chain can see, this is a product that will taste like orange but in the form of chocolate chips. Be proud of your niche, and express it with intent.

A proud stamp

Beverages often take on an angle that is more about tradition and heritage. This is because food generally changes more than what we drink. For example, the recipe for an orange juice brand might be many decades old but a chocolate bar recipe might not be because of recent sugar law changes. So take it for granted that beverages won’t change as often throughout the years which means, you can create a logo that infers a proud stamp of a long track record. For example, many alcoholic brands want to have a prestigious image, something that cries out tradition and history. That’s why if you are an ale, cider or beer then you should focus on pub branding for taps. When a customer walks into a bar or pub, having a branded tap is a sign of popularity and holding a prestigious place in that particular pub. You can choose what kind of metal style you want, with all kinds of options at your disposal. Some of the more popular choices are antique gold and misty brass. Make a design that showcases how proud you are of your product. Many alcoholic brands display their date of origination which is something you might to consider.

Characterize your brand

Just like sports teams, a mascot is good for your food or beverage brand. By characterizing your brand you develop a more human connection or image with customers. For example, if you are a company that makes yogurts for children to take to school or eat as a snack, you maybe want to consider making a child-friendly character for your branding. This shows consumers that your product is meant for a certain age group. It's also more attractive to children because they show interest in fun and imaginative characters at a young age. It's beneficial to have this for parents also who can buy your product as part of the weekly shop for their children. Make the character look happy or smiling. It should be a colorful icon as well as vibrant tones are always going to be eye-catching.

The food and beverage industry is inherently one of the more dependent on creative marketing. However this is challenge you should take in your stride. It's an opportunity to showcase your heritage and make a product that is worthy to be front and center in many places of leisure and food stores. Make a proud stamp such as a tap badge for your alcoholic beverages for pubs. Characterize your products for certain age groups to be more appealing to your key demographic.

About the author, Mark

Mark Asquith is a serial entrepreneur who has built globally successful design, marketing, software and digital businesses since he quit his real job in 2005.

A passionate podcaster, global keynote speaker and helpful bloke, Mark is the co-founder of Podcast Websites and the creator of Excellence Expected. He has a terribly embarrassing beard.

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