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Getting to Grips with PPC

When you become a small business owner you’re going to have to familiar yourself with a whole host of acronyms – B2B, B2C, SEO… the list seems never ending. But it’s absolutely essential that you figure out these acronyms and familiarise yourself with what they mean. The reason that they are shortened is because business owners use them so much – and if someone is speaking about something a lot, chances are that it’s pretty important! So, for now, let’s focus on PPC.

PPC stands for “pay per click”. It’s a form of online advertising that numerous business owners, large and small, engage with now that we are operating in a digital age. Your ads will be spread about the web, exposing people to your brand and your products or services. They will appear on banners on websites, in sidebars, and scattered through articles or blog posts. But the bonus? When you engage with pay per click advertising, you only pay when someone clicks your ad and is redirected to your website.

As you can imagine, this is pretty cost effective. You only pay the PPC provider when you are actively gaining something from the advertising and the advertising has worked!  Sounds pretty good, right? The amount of us who spend astounding amounts on advertising campaigns that do not generate traffic to our site is astounding. If you’re interested in PPC, use a reliable agency like Mabo – you can learn more about them and what they can do for you in the infographic below.

Infographic Design By Mabo

About the author, Mark

Mark Asquith is a serial entrepreneur who has built globally successful design, marketing, software and digital businesses since he quit his real job in 2005.

A passionate podcaster, global keynote speaker and helpful bloke, Mark is the co-founder of Podcast Websites and the creator of Excellence Expected. He has a terribly embarrassing beard.

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