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You Might Not Be a Trendsetter Yet, but That’s Totally Fine

One of the biggest decisions that businesses have to make is choosing between the destiny of a trendsetter or a trend follower. Trendsetters are typically more forward-thinking and focus on strategies to create a market or niche where most people wouldn’t dare to tread. These are businesses lead by people with a passion for what they do and, as a result, they can deliver results even if they’re against all odds.

Sadly, most people don’t have that sort of mentality. Instead, they’re focused on trying to stay up-to-date with businesses, attempting to follow trends that have already been set in order to stay relevant. Becoming a trendsetter is, after all, a huge risk and it takes a serious amount of work in order to achieve.

But being a trend follower isn’t such a bad idea, and in this article, we’re going to explain why.

  1. Following trends is a safe way to start out

If you’re a relatively new startup then following trends is a fantastic way to get experience without risking too much. You’re far safer following established trends and you can always dip your entrepreneurial toes into uncharted waters whenever there’s a new trend developing. However, safety is never a bad idea if you’re just starting out and want to establish some business foundations before you start developing your own ideas and carving your own niche.

  1. Sometimes it’s not about setting trends but following your passion

There are plenty of ways to set trends and become an influential figure, but it involves taking in a lot of feedback and reading what your audience desires from your products and services. However, something more powerful than setting trends is following your own passions as a business owner. Not every business needs to be an international success or set up for incredible things. Some of the most relatable businesses are those that stem from a passion to create something, and this is what can set your business apart from your competitors. Think of it less as a competition to see who can set trends an think of it more as doing what you feel passionate about.

  1. Trends can help you understand motives

There are many consumers today that won’t touch your business unless you meet certain criteria. Whether it’s how you manage waste disposal, where you purchase your energy from or even how you source your produce, every little thing can matter and affect your business’s success. If you follow trends, you’ll understand the motives of your consumers and get a better understanding of why they like and dislike certain products. Trends will keep changing as the motives and interests of your audience does, which is why understanding what your customers are thinking is perhaps one of the best ways to stay relevant.

As you can see, being a trendsetter can be risky and sometimes unrewarding. Following trends can be seen as a much better option for startups because it’s safer, you get to understand your customers better and you can think less about being in the limelight and more about how to deliver a product or service you feel passionate about.

About the author, Mark

Mark Asquith is a serial entrepreneur who has built globally successful design, marketing, software and digital businesses since he quit his real job in 2005.

A passionate podcaster, global keynote speaker and helpful bloke, Mark is the co-founder of Podcast Websites and the creator of Excellence Expected. He has a terribly embarrassing beard.

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