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Practice And Implement Interconnection Within Your Business

Working together in business can be defined by a broad stair of applications. It can mean anything in the vicinity of concepts of teamwork, communication, partnerships, creating detailed reports and collaborating with other institutions such as governments to do so. Interconnection is the better term to use when talking about internal struggles and triumphs within your own business when you’re focusing on improving all aspects. You can boost your employees’ productivity just by taking the pressure of each staff member and sharing it all around. This can also provide your day to day working hours with a sense of stability and always putting the team before the needs of individuals. However, you should never undermine the sanctity of the individual, because interconnection starts with understanding what the requirements are for personal development. This allows your business to remain focused on targeting growth of the employee which in turn will light the afterburners on the physical, financial and social influence growth of the company.

Notice personalities in the office

People power is very real. We’ve seen it in the real world when it comes to celebrities, politicians, protests, and cultural icons. The same kind of energy is floating around in your office at work. There are employees that work in different departments that do have a large sway over the other employees. Now the may not be managers or have some kind of skill in a certain area that makes them worthy to hold a leadership role, but you cannot overlook their social status. It's wise to take note of who follows who in the office hierarchy but first of all you have to admit and notice that you do have one. Many business owners will not pay attention to it, but it's a very real concept, hierarchies in the office structure are present in all businesses. To harness the power of such individuals, when you have a project or new task underway and need to get the team together, you can appoint them as some form of lightning rod to the others. If not a project manager, they should be the deputies or perhaps the team leader of one of the subgroups. Through them, you can channel orders and command them to push forward with a key narrative that you think will take the service or product you’re marketing, further. During this process it's okay to let vigorous discussions and sometimes heated debates take place. You want a certain level of friction that fosters a clash of ideas so that the best, surface to the top.

Allow departments to rub off each other

This is one of the key subject matters that all businesses will have to talk about at one point in their lives. Getting different departments to work together can be extremely beneficial as they can learn off of each other, to complement the roles they are respectively assigned. Getting departments to blend with one another on key objectives of the business is the epitome of interconnection. You’re allowing departments that may not ever bump into each other on a regular basis can sit side by side and see how their internal contemporaries operate. Particularly good can be the marketing department working with the sales team. For example, the sales team can communicate effectively with the marketing team, about what is working with customers and what isn’t, in real time. The marketing team rather than being back at base can follow the sales team as they are reaching out to consumers, pitching to another business or store, and study the reactions they get. Sales personnel have to try and sell as many products as possible, but the marketing team can direct the unique selling point in a different way and push these areas firmly and perhaps even better. By rubbing off, each other departments become more inclined to anticipate what the larger picture might be and thus, have a better and broader understanding of the task at hand.

Marketing and browsing shoppers

The image of the product of service, the best way to show the world how you’re different to the competition, and narrowing in on the best possible techniques to do this is what marketing is all about. Never before in the world of business has the online presence and even mastery of the internet marketing strategy been as important as the present day. Consumers that mainly shop online do so with a different mindset to shoppers who are more inclined to shop in person. Online shoppers browse more freely, as being in the comfort of their own home, allows them to think through and compare different services and products in their own time. Appearing on the first page and nearer to the top of search results requires experts SEO Services. Such companies can deliver you a wide package that results in a wide array of features that improve your chances of being noticed by shoppers. Their SEO experts can also become a part of your marketing team and function as an extension. The client retention rate is 100 percent because of the quality of interconnection with businesses. Getting seen first or being one of those to be seen first is incredibly vital to securing an inquisitive click by shoppers.

Take the free advice

Getting the right kind of support when your business is looking to expand on ideas is one of the most difficult tasks. Not only is it difficult to find the correct kind of people in the industry that your business operates in, but finding voices of reason within your own managerial circle can be tough at times. The issue for most businesses is that they become cocoons and echo chambers, with the same old ideas reverberating off the walls and coming back perhaps packaged differently, but ultimately not offering anything new. With modern technology and social media at your fingertips, the lack of ideas and advice can be overcome by simply reaching out and talking to your consumers. Fans and customers of your products and services can recommend ways of improving them. Communicating online is best done through a professional mediary such as a wing of the marketing department that purely focuses on social media. Making questionnaires that shines a light on new improvements, asking customers online about their opinion, working toward implementing new things that would make their lives easier, and and should be done using these social media platforms. Connecting with fans like this, only shows how willing you are to interconnect the values and needs of your base, into the products and services that you provide. The image you project is that of a company or brand that isn’t afraid of hearing criticism and wants to take onboard the free advice that fans are willing to impart.

Managers, team leaders and finance

When it comes to new projects in your business, most likely you’ll want to wait and see what kind of requirements each department needs. After an idea is agreed upon, what should happen is, all department managers create reports that go into detail, regarding their assessment of the potential impact of the new products. They, in turn, will give an estimate of how much funding their need to complete their tasks to further the business with the new item. Managers and team leaders will work together to try and convince you that their department needs more funding than another. But before you decide to ask their opinion and order the reports, you should also set out your budget for the new expansion to the line of services. This way they know that there are constraints. If you don’t set out these parameters, don’t be surprised if their reports say they will need funds that are simply out of the question. Always keep in mind there is a competitive nature in business and this is also relevant to internal battles for the most control or support. Sit down regularly with all your managers and team leaders to discuss how best to spend money effectively, catching up on progress and also asking them to maintain a certain level of frugality. Saving money is also a task that requires constant care and also helps to instil discipline among employees. With constant communication and interconnection with your senior staff, you can keep abreast of situations that may transpire into something other than desirable. Shortcomings and overspending can be caught quicker if you have meetings with senior staff, which purely concerns how their departments are using funds.

Interconnection is more than just the ability to get different kinds of people to work together at a deeper level. Of course, it's important that your various departments in your business, work well together, bounce ideas off each other and understand how the others operate. But, the best way to implement interconnection in your business is through company culture. There should be a sense of comradery at all levels, whether it be in marketing, the free flow of information and reports among employees, taking advice from consumers, and or budgetary coordination. Implementing these measures is the first step but practising them like second nature takes time and a habitual nature. If done correctly, the gaps in communication can soon be bridged, and the holes in your business strategy plugged.

About the author, Mark

Mark Asquith is a serial entrepreneur who has built globally successful design, marketing, software and digital businesses since he quit his real job in 2005.

A passionate podcaster, global keynote speaker and helpful bloke, Mark is the co-founder of Podcast Websites and the creator of Excellence Expected. He has a terribly embarrassing beard.

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