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Protecting Your Company

If you have already tripped up with your resolution for the New Year, we’ve got a new one for you: create a continuity plan. This should be the number one priority for all business owners in 2019. You should evaluate what you have been doing previously, and look for more effective ways to do things in the year ahead. This is a necessity for businesses when it comes to protecting your company, both new and in the future. Below, we will take a look at the reasons why this is so important.

Living without a plan is risky – There is only one place to begin, and this is by looking at the risks associated with not having a plan in place. You are breaking a cardinal rule of business management if you are currently in operation without a business continuity plan. There are many serious risks linked to this. For example, you could cause severe damage to your business’ reputation. No doubt, you have worked hard to get to the point you are at today. Do you really want that to disappear within the blink of an eye? This could happen if you don’t have a business continuity plan, as you won’t know what to do when disaster strikes, and this means that the impact of the situation will be much bigger than it would have needed to be. You won’t be able to react quickly, and things can easily spiral out of control. It also covers matters such as holding onto your best employees, from retention schemes to insurance like that offered at mykeymaninsurance.com. All of this comes together to ensure your business has a long and fruitful future. After all, where would you be without your star employee?

You owe it to your clients – Your clients rely on your business for a whole host of reasons. This could be anything from their monetary futures to their child’s education, depending on the nature of your business. And, let’s not forget, that your clients have got you to where you are today. They deserve a detailed and well thought out continuity plan – a plan that will ensure that their needs are always catered to, even if a disaster strikes. Remember, protecting your clients means that you are protecting yourself. After all, if something does go wrong, trust will erode, and business relationships will suffer. An effective continuity plan will reduce the impact of this considerably; ensuring most of your clients stay on board.

Old dangers and new threats – Last but not least, firms have new threats to consider, but there are also old threats that don’t seem to be going anywhere. Let’s deal with the former first. New businesses are entering the market all of the time and competition is rife. Moreover, cyber attacks are growing all of the time, with hacking, ransomware and like proving a big problem. A continuity plan will not only reassure your clients, but it will enable your business to continue in the face of these threats while protecting the company’s owner and the financial investments of the clients. Outlining a cyber security plan, which goes over everything from VPN usage, which you can find out about at vpngeeks.com, and encryption, to incident recovery plans, all of this can make sure you are prepared in terms of both protecting client data and should the worst happen. Don’t overlook old threats either; they aren’t going anywhere, from petty thieves to disgruntled employees stealing contact details.

As you can see, having a business continuity plan is a must. If this is something you don’t have at your business, or you have not addressed your plan for a while now, make sure this is one of your main priorities for the year ahead. Otherwise, you may live to regret it. As a business owner, it can be very difficult to think about the future because there are so many different things going on in the here and now. However, by putting a plan in place and following the advice that has been presented above, you can go a long way to making sure that your business is protected and that you do not end up going down the path that so many other companies have.

About the author, Mark

Mark Asquith is a serial entrepreneur who has built globally successful design, marketing, software and digital businesses since he quit his real job in 2005.

A passionate podcaster, global keynote speaker and helpful bloke, Mark is the co-founder of Podcast Websites and the creator of Excellence Expected. He has a terribly embarrassing beard.

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